2014 Cammy Nominations

- Steve Owens was nominated for Male Vocalist and Entertainer of the Year

- The CD "Second Time Around" released by Steve Owens and Summertimein the Summer of 2014 is on the ballot for Group Album of the Year.

- "I just Want to Satisfy" a #1 song from Steve Owens and Summertime is nominated for Song of the Year as well as Smoothie of the Year.

- Jay Jenkins, Keith Houston, and Steve Owens are nominated for Producers of the Year for their work on Steve Owens and Summertime's CD Second Time Around. Keith Houston was also nominated in the Engineer category for this project.

- Grant Leggett Production manager/FOH tech received a well deserved nomination in the Live Production category.

- Robin Woodard lead guitar player is on the ballot for the third year in a row for Instrumentalist of the Year.


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