The Beach Music Cruise Jan. 2016


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It’s hard to believe that two decades have flown by since the very first “Beach Music Cruise”. The first was in 1995 on the Big Red Boat out of Port Canaveral with The Embers, The Band of Oz, a group of DJs and a last minute add of a new little band called, The Coastline Band. 20 years later we are planning the biggest and best Beach Music Cruise ever. Some returning acts, new groups and more of EVERYTHING are what you can expect. On January 30th of 2016 we will set sail from Port Canaveral on the Carnival Valor for Seven glorious days into the lower east Caribbean with ports of call at Nassau, St. Thomas, San Juan, & Gran Turk. This luxurious yet most affordable trip will be one of if not THE most memorable party at sea EVER! You will enjoy entertainment by bands like, Coastline, The Fantastic Shakers, Steve Owens & Summertime, The Tim Clark Band, Donny & Susan Trexler, and still MORE TO COME. The dance floors will be inundated with leather souls as we drift along from island to island listening to your favorite tunes by popular Disc Jockeys such as: Johnny B, Fred Rouse, Jim Bowers, Mike Brooks, Dan E. Lockemy, Peter Carpenter, & yes… MORE! I’m not sure there has ever been a more reason to celebrate than the longevity of the “gift of beach music” itself, which we all hold dear to our hearts. But, after two decades of “boat rides”, this should prove to be the “big ship that came in”. Make no mistake, with early feelers on this event, it’s sure to sell out. Oh my, I can’t wait for the food, drinks, dancing, laughing and fellowship… It can’t come soon enough. Make your deposit today and guarantee your place on a monumental moment in Beach Music history. When it’s all said and done, we just have memories. Make sure you can say, “I was there”. Jim Quick

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